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Monday, January 3, 2011

Google Docs Word Study Tool

I have played with another of the Google Docs gadgets- the Interactive word study tools.  The creator tells about them on her blog, Word Study Tools.  The format is the same as the flash cards; type in the word list in one column of a spreadsheet and type in the definitions in the second column.  Highlight the columns and insert gadget, Word Study Tools.  then choose if you want word jumble, multiple choice or fill in the blank and if the hints come from column 2 or google images.  If you choose images, it finds the pictures for you and inserts them!  I have had trouble with using column 2 as the hint, but creating a short word jumble with pictures was easy.  You can find a sample that quizzes students on the names of the body systems here: General Vocabulary Gadget
I created the list on sheet 1, which I clicked on to rename the General Vocabulary List.  After inserting the gadget, I clicked on the new square at the top left to get a gadget pull down menu.  From there I moved the gadget to its own sheet, and then renamed it Word Scramble.  Students can go back to the list if they get stuck or have a question.  I plan to introduce this tool as we review for the second quarter assessment in a few weeks, and email the link home so students can use it at home as well.  I have more vocabulary lists started and hope to finish them as well.


  1. The Word Study Tool sounds great! I have parents who ask me every year for additional spelling practice because their child is not retaining spelling words or hate the worksheet/textbook homework. I usually just refer them to, but this also seems like another easy & great tool. I love that it is such great vocabulary practice & has the picture option.

  2. This could be good for Kirsten and I, since we're working on a vocabulary CPR this year instead of our observations.

  3. Eileen, That is so true! We have 100 new vocabulary words a month (at least) and this would be a great tool for the students for home. Parents could actually work with the students on this at home. I also love the picture option that would be great for our visual learners and special needs students. Thanks for sharing, Janet!

  4. I have tried to make more of these with less success. I think that copying and pasting my excel into Google Docs did something...or maybe that is why it is a little known secret. I keep trying, and starting over seems to work. So when it works it is a great tool but apparently it doesn't always work the way I want it to. I am trying this one with my students on Thursday.