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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google Docs

Google Docs is an application that I have known about for several years but have used only a little until recently.  Oh, I knew that I could share a document with others at my school, and everyone could edit, but since the other teachers at my school were hesitant to use it, I didn’t either.  I started using Google Docs in this graduate program because it makes it so easy for a group to work on the same document and for the other writers to see what progress has been made.  Then the document can be easily copied into a Word document and the final editing and formatting can be done there.  I have found that a few things do not copy exactly into the word document, so it is better if you proofread carefully to prevent minor typos!  I wish more of the teachers I worked with were comfortable with this, but I guess that convincing them is a challenge for me.  
I have had a google account for years, and I thought that you needed to have one to use google docs, but it works just fine with any kind of email account if you invite them to join.

This year I have 7 different adults who work in my classes on a regular basis.  I have copied a planning calendar into a google doc and invited the paraeducators and co-teachers that work with me to view and edit the calendar.  That way if they are going to be out, or are just curious, they can look up the most current calendar for my class.  It saves them from wondering when the next quiz will be or when we will be doing a lab.  I gave them editing privileges so that they can type in when they will be out.  They haven't changed or added much but I know that they like the ability to view it from the convenience of their own computer.  Here is a sample from October.....Sample planning calendar

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  1. I love your calendar! A few teachers at my school use the Google calendar for math classes and to keep all of the students on track. That way, when students miss class, they just check the calendar and they are expected to keep up and have their work on time. I like the feature of being able to share calendars with various people. I think it would be a great tool especially in middle school to see who has tests planned on certain days and to set meetings. Thanks for sharing!