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Monday, December 13, 2010

Podcasting tutorials

When I began my quest to learn how to podcast with my students, I viewed the Apple tutorial located at  Apple seems to have routed that address to iLife '11 as of 12/13/10.  However,  I have also found an excellent professional development site put up by Henrico County VA schools at  There is also a blog entry, especially helpful if using a slightly older version of GarageBand, at  By the time you watch all of these, you will be an expert!

Here is a sample of the podcasts my students created in class.  You can sense their excitement.  All of my students, from very different backgrounds and ability levels, were able to participate in this activity.  Demo podcast
I hope you enjoy it....and try this with your students!


  1. Janet, To be completely honest, I have never tried making my own podcasts! I have accessed and used numerous podcasts that other people have created, but I have not yet created one. I am going to look for some resources for Windows users and attempt to make my first podcast soon! Thanks for your resources...I hope to be an expert like you soon! I may ask you soon if I have some questions when I start my own :)

  2. Janet, I think that podcast are a great way to engage students. I'm sure that there are many uses for your students and I know that for mine, the podcast is a great way to get students to hear and evaluate what they are doing.